Video footage and marketing announcements for some of the games that house my sound design.


Spiral Knights (Three Rings/Sega)



Carmen Sandiego (Blue Fang Games)



The Oregon Trail (Blue Fang Games)



Light Quest (Chimp Studios)



Pirates of the New Horizon



Monster Feed (Day-Go-By Entertainment)



Zombie Pirates (Dust Devil Studios)



Equalizr (RPM Collective)



Corpse Craft (Three Rings)



Braid (Johnathan Blow)


Welcome to my news blogbullet

As a game audio designer I provide game music, sound effects, voice, and other editing services.


The posts you will find here contain announcements and updates on games that house my work.

bullet For more information as well as my portfolio and a full list of services, visit my website at: www.harrymack.com.


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