Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tracking down noir!

Deadlands Noir Banner

Coming off of their very successful Kickstarter campaign, Deadlands Noir is now available for anyone and everyone to buy - and they should!


Imagine New Orleans, 1935. The only thing that's not in short supply is trouble. Shady thugs, crooked cops, mafia soilders, everyone is looking to get a piece of "the Big Easy". Even worse, are the stories of things that go bump in the night. Things you wouldn't want to meet in a dark back alley.


But all hope is not lost, there are still a few heroes left! Steely-eyed private dicks, fast-talking grifters, wild-eyed inventors, and shadowy houngans still struggle against the encroaching darkness. How will these brave souls turn the tide? With a little luck, a lot of moxie and... a fantastic soundtrack!


The music of Deadlands Noir was a blast to compose, classic sleuth music has tons of character - jazzy riffs, slinking symbols. Ambient sections set the mood with dark, surreal backdrops.


You should definitely check it out, and give the team at Pinnacle your congratulations!


Deadlands Noir Banner

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