Monday, March 12, 2012

Join the Doctor Today

Doctor Who Worlds in Time - Time Lord Robes

BBC today announced the official launch of Doctor Who: Worlds in Time. This great collaboration with Three Rings and Sega gives players a chance to live an episode of the world's longest running sci-fi show - and then live a dozen more!


For those of you who have not been following my posts or the news, it is a browser-based MMO that lets you take on the role of the infamous Time Lord's assistant. The game begins with the Doctor appearing in your bedroom ready to whisk you away for adventures in time and space - as well as the bedrooms of up to three of your closest friends/family.


There are now ten worlds ready to be explored (Earth, Skaro, Messaline, The Library, New New York, Ember, Mars, Malcassair, Starship UK, Alfava Metraxis), with ten unique soundscapes and multi-track soundtracks.


Using the TARDIS to reach each invaded location, the Doctor sets missions in order to restore the devastated world back to its former glory. There's a suitably timey-wimey storyline involving shattered timelines and such, but the emphasis with Worlds In Time is on community. You can party with up to three people and jump into missions, working together to piece each broken world back together through puzzle-solving confrontations ranging from pipe-rewiring tasks to 'match three'-style block dropping.


Three Rings CEO Daniel James described it best in his comment, "We've worked to provide Doctor Who fans an experience that matches the quality and imagination of the TV show, and [to create] a forum to introduce casual gamers to this remarkable world with an experience accessible to players of all levels".


If that wasn't enough, for a limited time you can earn your very own Time Lord robe - just by playing. But of course this is only the beginning, the development team is already busy on great adventures.


Doctor Who Worlds in Time - Ember Screenshot


Doctor Who Worlds in Time - Mars Screenshot

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