Wednesday February 29, 2012

Operation Crimson Hammer

Spiral Knights - Operation Crimson Hammer Banner


Three Rings has come out with a great new mission pack for Spiral Knights.


Winterfest Santy Hats - Spiral Knights

The Crimson Order is a to-be-feared group of gremlins. They alone are powerful and worthy enough to share audience with King Tinkinzar (the even more feared king of the gremlins). Of the nine members of the Crimson Order, only one is fit to be dubbed The Warmaster - Seerus.


This is where you come in. With the Operation Crimson Hammer expansion mission, it is time to face the mighty Seerus. The Knights must engage him in fierce and unequal combat, and then take all his stuff.


You may remember the fierce Roarmulus Twins, deep in the industrial menace of the Ironclaw Munitions Factory. While Seerus was the true mastermind behind the twins, that is only the beginning. There are countless other gremlin weapons and he won't stop until Haven is destroyed and the knights are wiped off the surface of cradle.


This heroic adventure and the associated new missions have an equally epic six new music tracks.


Spiral Knights - Operation Crimson Hammer Expansion Screen Shot


Spiral Knights - Operation Crimson Hammer Expansion Screen Shot



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