Friday, February 17, 2012

Plants love music

Gardentopia Facebook Game Logo

It's true! Google it.

Wish you had a green thumb? Missing your garden over the winter months? Forget what the outdoors look like from your windowless cubicle?


Then Gardentopia is the game for you!


All year-round you can grow a beautiful garden, regardless of skill!

There is a wide variety of different flora and other landscaping tools.


To go along with the relaxing nature of tending to a virtual garden, the music is gentle and fun, reminiscent of a sunny day outdoors.


Congrats to the team at Torro Games for this fun new release.


Plant the seeds and listen to your garden grow! Let me know which plants are your favorite, mine are the sunflowers.


Harry Mack's Gaslight - Sheet Music for Piano Image


Harry Mack's Gaslight - Sheet Music for Piano Image



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