Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chill out with the Knights

Spiral Knights - Winterfest Banner


Winterfest Santy Hats - Spiral Knights

Winter has come to the planet of Cradle and the snow is falling in Haven. It's time for Winterfest in Spiral Knights!


Winterfest means that everyone is in the holiday spirit. Under a blanket of snow the snipes are feeling festive, there are santy hats a-plenty and the party is just getting started. If you've been a good little knight you may even get a visit from... Impostoclaus!


While a beautiful, icy, cake-like glaze coats the surface of Cradle, the ever-shifting layers of the Clockworks have revealed something new within: Three Rings has added Scenario Rooms, new rooms which have begun turning up in existing levels. Scenario Rooms offer more than meets the eye, bits of story, lore and lots of hints at the larger mystery of the Clockworks itself. There are also special bonuses to be had, so be diligent and watchful as some Scenario Rooms are much rarer than others.


Last but not least, what is a winter holiday without festive music? I'll tell you what - it's less awesome than Winterfest.


Spiral Knights Screen Shot - Winterfest



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