Monday, December 12, 2011

Sounds in Time

Doctor Who Poster - It's Bigger on the Inside

As always it's been hard to keep hush hush about exciting new projects, but this time the news is particularly brilliant. In the works for about a year now, this is definitely one of the most amazing projects I've ever worked on.


I've had the privilege in joining Three Rings, Sega and (for the first time) the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) on their journey through time and space. While our adventure is wrapping up, yours can just be getting started!


Later today Doctor Who: Worlds in Time will be open to invited users for testing and feedback. As a long-time fan of the Doctor, and the Doctor's theme music, I've completely enjoyed getting to create a new audio take on the unique universe. Quite the undertaking, it included dozens of original music tracks and hundreds of sounds. Though, this time it's a bit more cartoony and colourful.


Worlds in Time was announced in February, with the game described as being "both highly engaging and fun, allowing players to socialize and foster genuine cooperation, building a global community where fans worldwide will now be able to experience first hand the exciting action and adventure synonymous with Doctor Who." It has definitely lived up to these claims.


Get ready and count down to the time of your life!


Doctor Who - Tardis Poster



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