Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pop into Bubble Raider

PlayDemand Games - Bubble Raider Logo

What do you get when you combine a monkey, an Indiana Jones hat, endless colourful bubbles and then send them all out to Ancient Egypt? PlayDemand Games's addictive new Facebook game Bubble Raider! It is a fantastic remake of a classic bubble-shooter.


With 10 unique zones to trek through, beat the puzzles and get some great treasures. Each zone has some great original art to explore, and its own fitting music track. Succeed the bubble challenges at each stage to find all of the pieces of the treasure map and progress.


As always there are hilarious and tricky achievements to brag about on your Facebook wall. If you manage to conquer the adventure mode, there are also some fun time-attack challenges.


Try it out today - and congrats to everyone across the pond at PlayDemand on their great new game!


Bubble Raider - Gameplay Screenshot Bubble Raider - Map Screenshot

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