Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Roarmulus Project

Spiral Knights new boss in the Ironclaw Munitions Factory - Roarmulus Twins

It is time for another Spiral Knights expansion! A new gremlin weapons factory has been discovered, the Ironclaw Munitions Factory.

Ironclaw Munitions Factory Logo


Intel has confirmed that gremlin engineers have begun developing a weapon of incredible power. Known only as "Project Roarmulus", it has been designed with the sole purpose of destroying Haven!


Complete with a new dark and forboding industrial track, this mission takes the knights deep into a harrowing complex of devious destructive devices.


Roarmulus Twins Logo

Take heed in your travels, however, gremlins don't believe in maintaining a safe workplace. If you make it through to take on the Roarmulus Twins- good luck! These gun puppies have mastered all of the skills of their predecessors - plus a few new tricks.


Survive this deadly complex, earn your Bark Modules, claim your rewards - and save the planet!

Screen Shot of the Spiral Knights new levels Ironclaw Munitions Factory


Screen Shot of the Spiral Knights new bosses the Roarmulus Twins


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