Thursday, June 2, 2011

Deep in the Gloaming Wildwoods...

Spiral Knights new boss in the Gloaming Wildwoods the Snarbolax

Spiral Knights's first major expansion has been released! With great levels, a fun boss encounter and of course a new music track, this content takes place in spooky the spooky Gloaming Wildwoods.

Gloaming Wildwoods Logo


The new song is a dark tune, inspired by a nefarious take on a Peter-and-the-Wolf style journey though a haunted woodland.


The dense forest is home to a fearsome creature known as the Snarbolax. Said to be a massive beast draped in living shadows, this dark predator enjoys toying with its prey before delivering the final blow.

Gloaming Wildwoods Logo


So travel down the Primal Path, traverse the Terrilous Trail, across the Ravenous Ruins and through the Roarsterous Ruins to the Lair of the Snarbolax.


Return with Frumious Fangs in hand and reap the rewards, but enter at your own risk as those who have entered unprepared have never returned!

Screen Shot of the Spiral Knights new boss in the Gloaming Wildwoods the Snarbolax

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