Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TOJam 2010

Toronto Game Jam

This is TOJam's fifth anniversary, but it was my first year in attendance. It definitely represents the best of what the Toronto game industry is all about. What is it? Basically it is a public game making event. Local game makers come out for a crazy 3-day, around-the-clock game making binge.


The best part? It is not a competition, conference or learning/development opportunity. It is just straight-up fun, that doesn't cost participants a penny. Industry professionals are all jammed in a few classrooms and challenged to complete a good, small game in three days or less.


The theme for this year's games was Missing.

Here is how it all went down:


Friday, 3:00pm - The doors open.


Programmers, Artists, Audio Designers, Game Designers all pile into five big classrooms at George Brown College and stake out their territory for the weekend.


This year's event brought out 180 jammers, with 25 additional people working remotely. I was one of four audio designers that attended.

It was interesting to see how other local designers approached the trade.


        Toronto Game Jam        Toronto Game Jam


We were all very different in our focus. There was one focused only on SFX, a film musician, a techno/hip-hop composer, and I represented the single-stop, full-spectrum game audio design side of things.


With brief intermissions for nourishment (very generously provided by local companies) and a nap here or there, everyone worked diligently around the clock on their projects.


I was lucky enough to work with 6 different groups on their very creative projects.

The deadline for games was eight sharp on Sunday, followed by lots of pizza and some great speeches.


Toronto Game Jam


Ironically, in the final raffles I won a pair of speakers.


Sunday 11:00pm - A crowd of very greasy, tired, stinky - but accomplished - game developers wander out and head for home to catch a few ZzzZzs before the workweek starts.


Awesome, eh? I will definitely be attending next year. If you're in the area, it's a can't miss.


I'll tell you more about the fun games I was involved in after the up and coming TOJam arcade night in May.


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