Sunday, April 4, 2010

GDC blast from the past

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If you attended the Game Developers Conference (GDC) this year, you might have caught a great little panel titled "What You need to Know About Casual Games 2010". The speakers Nick Fortugno and Juan Gril, from Playmatics and Joju Games respectively, did an excellent job discussing some of the interesting and dominant trends in casual game space over the last year.


Just to clarify, from Nick and Juan's perspective 'casual' game really means 'super-awesome-innovative indie' game. It was filled with a lot of insight and perspective into experimental choices, but I would also refer anyone to it as a great source for leads on new 'casual' games to try out.


I enjoyed it so much, that I decided to do some looking back into their presentations at past GDCs. That was when I got quite a surprise! It turns out that the examples chosen for two of four of the 2009 categories were games that I worked on.

Charachters from Three Ring's Corpse Craft online game at Whirled


Let's Play Together Trend


So far, most casual multiplayer games were clones or simple incremental innovations of popular videogames (i.e.: Worms clones). But now we are starting to see unique multiplayer casual games with new themes and mechanics.


Juan chose Three Rings's Corpse Craft as his winner for this category.


Arcade Evolved Trend

Charachters from Johnathan Blow's Braid


Nick explains that [his] choice is for this category is Braid, an indie game by Jonathan Blow. It's a borderline casual game, but it's innovation at a mechanic level and its absolutely brilliant level design make it a must-win in my book.


You can check out the rest of the session transcript posted on Gamasutra.


It's great to see these very creative games getting recognized, even if it did take place a year ago.


I hope that Nick and Juan continue their series next year, I can't wait to find out what they come up with.


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