Thursday, February 25, 2010

triOS guest speaker

Trios game development college logo

triOS College is one of the many institutes in Ontario that has recently begun to offer a Video Game Design and Development program.


With campuses across Ontario, they are major sponsors for many important events promoting technology and interactive media - like Showcase Ontario.


I met their staff earlier this year at the 2009 Vortex Game Competition, and recently I was asked to come and speak to their students.


Harry Mack's presentation to Trios college on audio design and implementation in indie games

I prepared a presentation on game audio from a designer/developers perspective - of course focusing on the Indie side of things.


It was great to see a lot of energy and interest from our local up-and-coming game programmers and designers - there were lots of questions, and overall eagerness to get involved.


Thanks again to the crew at triOS for inviting me, I'd be happy to come back any time.


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