Sunday, February 10, 2010

A tour through my kitchen

... or at least the important parts.


Better late than never, here are some photos of the little kitchenette and eating space I recently had put into my studio.


It has everything required to ensure I could work all day without every leaving the office. Actually, if you count my meeting futons as sleeping space I could technically hole up here indefinitely should the zombies invade.

Final product of my new audio studio kitchen

Pizza ingredients, Perrier and cranberry juice, but best of all RAM fridge magnets.


























I couldn't help but photo my wife's immaculate pizza creation station - all the works for 20 pita bread pizzas to go in my freezer.

Final product of my new audio studio kitchen


Last but not least, the whole finished product. Highlights: espresso maker, breakfast bar, and homemade PvZ Chomper plant.

Final product of my new audio studio kitchen


Come on over and split a pizza with me. Just don't feed the plant.


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