Thursday, November 12, 2009

Braid's platform trifecta

Braid Sand Logo for Playstation

With the launch of Braid on the Playstation 3 Network, it is now available on three out of the four major platforms - the other two being PC and XBLA.


The port to PS3 went very successfully, almost no bugs have been reported.


Many people, including myself, have been asking, "When is Braid finally going to come to the Wii?". You'll be sad to hear that it is not. Until Nintendo offers a storage solution and ups the file size for WiiWare titles, Jonathan Blow has confirmed that there is no way for it to be ported to the Wii.


What should you do if your gaming experience is restricted to Wii games?


I'd suggest the following:


     1. Print one of these.
     2. A couple of these.
     3. A few of these.
     4. Glue where instructed.


Then you can play along side your platform-diverse friends, lest you miss out on this excellent game.


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