Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A deadly combination

Deadlands BannerShane Hensley, lead designer of Zombie Pirates, is also the author and game designer of CEO Pinnacle Entertainment Group, makers of the famous Deadlands pen and paper role playing system. I was very excited when he invited me to collaborate on the Deadlands series.

Deadlands book cover


I've long been a fan of table-top gaming, roleplaying, and d20 games. Having played a range of games, I can definitely say that Deadlands brings a unique experience to the table. The genre is a fantastic mix of real-world settings, disturbing environments, and horrifying villians. Throw in a little black magic, some creative technology, and you've got the journey into darkness that you'll find in Deadlands.


I can't wait to try my hand at composing some soundtracks to compliment the mystery, intrigue, action and excitement of playing these great games. Check back, because I will have more updates to come!


Deadlands Wierd West Map

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