Friday, April 13th, 2012

Going Rouge!

Revenge of Roger Rouge - Trazzy Entertainment Poster

Ahoy, game-lubbers! If ye fancy yerself a jolly shmup, mayhaps the Revenge of Roger Rouge be up yer alley!


Arm your ship with powerups as you blast away enemies in this oldschool shoot em' and loot em' adventure.


My first collaboration with Trazzy Entertainment, I'm always eager to get back into the pirate genre! Fiddles and fifes, accordions and pipes, there's just something about pirate music that I can't say no to.


Can you send hordes of skeleton boats, turtle ships and great warships to Davey Jones while chasing visions of riches and revenge? If so, then you'll enjoy the Revenge of Roger Rouge!


Revenge of Roger Rouge Screenshot


Revenge of Roger Rouge Screenshot

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